Malayalam Serial Akkare Ikkare Actress Photos hot and sexy

Film actress Beena Antony, Shalu Menon, Thesni Khan and many other famous kerala telsvision actress join together in a new serial called Akkare Ikkare. This new television serial is being telecasted in Asianet Malayalam Channel. This is the story a Gulf Colony situated in Trivandrum where many people who returned from Gulf stay with their families. This is avery nice story with commedy also in it. Some of the actress act as muslim women , so they wear Mundu and full sleeve Blouse and sarees. When actress like Beena Antony and Thesni Khan dress up in this you can imagine the entertainment and scenes you can see and most malayalees have started enjoying this serial. The story also has the famous malayalam actress Shalu Menon also in the lead role.

been antnoy, thesni khan

been antnoy, thesni khan hot

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